64th ISI World Statistics Congress - Ottawa, Canada

64th ISI World Statistics Congress - Ottawa, Canada

Statistical challenges in view of the SNA and BPM updates

Category: International Statistical Institute


This session will contain two main presentations, followed by a panel discussion.
The first presentation will provide an overview of the SNA and BPM updates in general, highlighting the update processes, summarizing the main topics addressed, and then zooming in on compilation issues for some specific items, such as the measurement and valuation of marketing assets, global value chains, multinational enterprises, special purpose entities, transfer pricing, non-bank financial intermediation, Fintech, data, digital money, crypto assets, digital intermediary platforms, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence.
The second presentation will zoom in on items in the area of well-being and sustainability, including household distributional results; valuing unpaid household activities; health care and social conditions; labour, education and human capital; valuing biological resources; sustainable finance; and the development of a broader framework. The session will provide an overview of the main recommendations and discuss specific compilation and valuation challenges in this area.
This will be followed by a panel discussion in which panellists will reflect on the practical feasibility of the new guidance, what they see as the main challenges with regard to the implementation, and discussing how to best address these challenges within the international statistical community.

The first presentation will be provided by members of the SNA and BPM editorial teams (e.g., Peter van de Ven (consultant), Carlos Sanchez Munoz (IMF)).
The second presentation will be provided by one or two members of the well-being and sustainability task team (e.g., Catherine van Rompaey (World Bank), Gabriela Saborio (Central Bank of Costa Rica), Jorrit Zwijnenburg (OECD)).
The panel will consist of country representatives directly involved in the update processes (e.g., Carol Coy (Jamaica), Kenneth Egesa (Uganda), Fabienne Fortanier (Netherlands), Francisco Guillen (Mexico), Fernando Rocha (Brasil), Erich Strassner (United States), Angsupalee Wacharakiat (Thailand)), ensuring a right balance in terms of statistical development, and one or two representatives from international organisations (e.g., Celestino Giron (ECB), Annabelle Mourougane (OECD), Jim Tebrake (IMF)).