64th ISI World Statistics Congress - Ottawa, Canada

64th ISI World Statistics Congress - Ottawa, Canada

New challenges for labour market statisticians stemming from Covid-19 – how to produce timely and meaningful data in conditions of uncertainty


Hannah Kiiver


  • RG
    Riccardo Gatto
  • JH
    Julie Hatch
  • HK
    Dr Hannah Kiiver
  • CB
    Mr Colm Bates
  • HS
    Hanna Strzelecka
  • Category: International Statistical Institute


    Anne Polivka
    Research Chief, Employment and Program Development
    Bureau of Labour Statistics (USA)
    "Measures taken to address COVID-19's impact in BLS surveys"

    Hanna Strzelecka
    Deputy director - Labour market department
    Statistics Poland (Poland)
    “Is the Labour Force Survey able to satisfy changing user needs? How to find a balance between
    high quality data and response burden/cost?”

    Ang Boon Heng
    Director, Manpower Research & Statistics Department
    Ministry of Manpower (Singapore)
    "Improving timeliness and accuracy of data collection amid COVID-19"

    Alessia Sabbatini
    Labour market statistician
    ISTAT (Italy)
    "Statistical Analysis of Textual Data during Covid-19"

    Hannah Kiiver, Eurostat (Luxembourg)
    Labour market statistician
    Eurostat, European Commission (Luxembourg)
    "Experimental indicators derived from available data to measure the impact of COVID-19 on the labour market"

    Chair: Riccardo Gatto, Eurostat (Luxembourg)