64th ISI World Statistics Congress - Ottawa, Canada

64th ISI World Statistics Congress - Ottawa, Canada

Satellite Meetings

Satellite meetings are pre- and post-congress satellite conferences or seminars organised by the ISI Associations and Affiliates as well as multi-lateral agencies, international and national institutions, in conjunction with the ISI WSC 2023.

Fostering Learning of Statistics and Data Science

Organiser(s):  IASE and the IASC
Date: 11 July - 13 July, 2023
Venue, City: 700 University Avenue, Toronto, Canada (Google Maps)
Email: Click here
Website: iase2023satellite.github.io

A data scientist reads the news: What we can learn about the state of the world through analysis of the news and reader habits.

Organiser(s):  The International Society for Business and Industrial Statistics (ISBIS)
Date: 13 July - 14 July, 2023
Venue, City: Brock University, St. Catherines, Canada (Google Maps)
Email: Daniel Jeske
Website: www.brocku.ca/mathematics-science/isbis-2023/

Granular data: new horizons and challenges for central banks

Organiser(s): The Bank of Canada and the Irving Fisher Committee (IFC)
Date: 15th July, 2023
Venue, City: Bank of Canada, Ottawa, Canada (Google Maps)
Email Bank of Canada Stats Event: Click Here
Email BIS: Click Here
Website: Click here
Download: www.bis.org/ifc/events/ifc_230715_cfp.pdf

Breaking Down Barriers between Statistics and Environmental Science

Organiser(s): The International Environmetrics Society(TIES)
Date: 24 July - 29 July, 2023
Venue, City: Trent University campus,Peterborough, Ontario, Canada (Google Maps)
Email to: Wesley BurrNathaniel Newlands
Website: wesleyburr.github.io/ties2023.github.io/index.html

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