64th ISI World Statistics Congress - Ottawa, Canada

64th ISI World Statistics Congress - Ottawa, Canada


We honour. We celebrate.

At the Awards Ceremony 2023, ISI & Associations recognise, celebrate and honour those who have made outstanding contributions to the field of Statistics and Data Science. The most important award is The International Prize in Statistics. It is considered as the Nobel Prize for Statistics. It is awarded every two years to an individual or team for major achievements using statistics to advance science, technology and human welfare.

International Prize in Statistics (ISI)

The Award, which was inaugurated in 2017, recognises the major achievement of an individual or team in the field of statistics. The prize helps raise media and public awareness on the growing importance of statistics to modern life and promotes understanding of the myriad and diverse ways statistics affects the lives of every person alive today. The Award is organised by 5 leading international statistics organisations, namely, the American Statistical Association, Institute of Mathematical Statistics, International Biometric Society, International Statistical Institute, and Royal Statistical Society.

Mahalanobis International Award

The Award is sponsored by the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation of the Government of India. The Award recognises an individual from a developing country or region, for lifetime achievements in statistics and the promotion of best statistical practices in a developing country or region.

The award is named to Prasanta Chandra Mahalanobis (29 June 1893– 28 June 1972). He was an Indian scientist and statistician. He is best remembered for the Mahalanobis distance, a statistical measure, and for being one of the members of the first Planning Commission of free India. He made pioneering studies in anthropometry in India. He founded the Indian Statistical Institute, and contributed to the design of large-scale sample surveys. For his contributions, Mahalanobis has been considered the father of modern statistics in India.

Jan Tinbergen Awards for Young Statisticians

The Awards are for best papers by young statisticians addressing statistical problems of real relevance in building statistical capacity in countries with limited statistical infrastructure.

The award is named to Jan Tinbergen (12 April 1903 – 9 June 1994). He was a Dutch economist who was awarded the first Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences in 1969, which he shared with Ragnar Frisch for having developed and applied dynamic models for the analysis of economic processes. He is widely considered to be one of the most influential economists of the 20th century and one of the founding fathers of econometrics.

His important contributions to econometrics include the development of the first macroeconometric models, the solution of the identification problem, and the understanding of dynamic models. Tinbergen was a founding trustee of Economists for Peace and Security. In 1945, he founded the Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis (CPB) and was the agency's first director.

Founder of Statistics

This prize recognises a contemporary research contribution, published within the last three decades, that has had profound influence on statistical theory, methodology, practice, or applications. The prize is sponsored by Elsevier B.V.

Early Career Awards by TIES, ABS, IAOS YS

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Ethel Newbold Award Lecture by Bernoulli Society

The Ethel Newbold Prize for excellence in statistics is awarded every two years. The name of the prize recognizes the historically important role of women in statistics. The prize itself is for excellence in statistics without reference to the gender of the recipient. The Ethel Newbold Prize is generously supported by Wiley.

The Prize will be awarded to an outstanding statistical scientist in early or mid-career for a body of work that represents excellence in research in mathematical statistics, and/or excellence in research that links developments in a substantive field to new advances in statistics. In any year in which the award is due, the prize will not be awarded unless the set of all nominations includes candidates from both genders. The awardee will be invited to present a talk at the following Bernoulli World Congress, Bernoulli-sponsored major conference, or ISI World Statistics Congress.

The award is named to Ethel May Newbold (28 August 1882 – 25 March 1933). She was an English epidemiologist and statistician. She was the first woman awarded the Guy Medal in Silver in 1928.

Waksberg Award by IASS
The journal Survey Methodology has established an annual invited paper series in honor of Joseph Waksberg to recognize his contributions to survey methodology. Each year a prominent survey statistician is chosen to write a paper that reviews the development and current state of an important topic in the field of survey methodology. The paper reflects the mixture of theory and practice that characterized Joseph Waksberg's work.

Association Awards

ISI Associations also have awards and competitions. Some take place every year and may be presented at an Association conference. All Associations have the opportunity to present their awards at the Awards Ceremony during the WSC.

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