64th ISI World Statistics Congress - Ottawa, Canada

64th ISI World Statistics Congress - Ottawa, Canada

The Change in the Patterns of the Egyptian Family Expenditure in Clothing and textiles (2005-2013)


64th ISI World Statistics Congress - Ottawa, Canada

Format: CPS Abstract

Session: CPS 52 - Finance and business statistics VI

Tuesday 18 July 4 p.m. - 5:25 p.m. (Canada/Eastern)


The study of income, expenditure and consumption is considered one of the most important household studies which conducted by statistical agencies in different countries of the world providing a large amount of data upon which we can measure the standard of living for families and individuals as well as establish the rules and information to measure poverty and the tools for weights required for the compilation of Consumer Price Index which is an important indicator to measure inflation.
This paper is concerned with the study of behavior for Clothing and textiles in Egypt in rural, urban and total through family expenditure research income, expenditure and consumption survey in (2004 / 2005), (2008 / 2009), (2010 / 2011) and (2012 / 2013). Pearson curves were fitted to compare their patterns.
Keywords: Expenditure, household survey, skewness, moments, Pearson distribution system, kurtosis.