64th ISI World Statistics Congress - Ottawa, Canada

64th ISI World Statistics Congress - Ottawa, Canada

Scoping Study on SDG Goal 5: Achieve Gender Equality and Empower All Women and Girls in the Philippines


Dannela Jann Galias


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    Ann D. Umadhay


64th ISI World Statistics Congress - Ottawa, Canada

Format: CPS Abstract

Keywords: empowerment, gender, genderequality, sdgs, sustainable development goals

Session: CPS 35 - Official statistics: Gender inequality

Monday 17 July 5:30 p.m. - 6:30 p.m. (Canada/Eastern)


The fifth of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) established by the United Nations in 2015, SDG Goal 5 is focused on ending gender disparities, eliminating gender-related violence and early and forced marriage, securing equal participation and opportunities for leadership and decision-making, and providing universal access to sexual, health, and reproductive rights. As an integral part of human rights and a necessary foundation for social cohesion and prosperity, monitoring gender equality is crucial for sustainable development.

With eight years left before the deadline of the 2030 Agenda, progress in implementing and monitoring the SDGs is imperative. While globally almost all SDG Goal 5 indicators have established methodology and standards and available data, five indicators in the Philippines are still tagged as either Tier II or Tier III, alongside one indicator that is not currently monitored. Far more needs to be done as out of the 14 SDG Goal 5 indicators, only nine have reported estimates under the SDG Watch Philippines. For this reason, this scoping study sought to review existing global and local definitions and methodologies, baseline estimates, data sources, and gaps in monitoring Tier II and Tier III indicators of SDG 5 through available literature and consultations with national focal agencies and relevant stakeholders, and thereafter identify which SDG 5 indicators need to be prioritized for further methodological research. The end goal is to raise the current tier classifications of the indicators at the national level and provide baseline information for global reporting.


Table 1. SDG 5 Indicators for the Scoping Study