64th ISI World Statistics Congress - Ottawa, Canada

64th ISI World Statistics Congress - Ottawa, Canada

Modernizing the Quarterly Economic Data Collection in Abu Dhabi




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    Sami Nizar Khasawneh
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    Zainab Ahmed Al Blooshi


64th ISI World Statistics Congress - Ottawa, Canada

Format: CPS Paper

Keywords: administrativ, quality, statistical

Session: CPS 79 - Official statistics: Economics

Wednesday 19 July 8:30 a.m. - 9:40 a.m. (Canada/Eastern)


Quarterly national accounts (QNA) constitute a system of integrated quarterly time series coordinated through an accounting framework. QNA adopt the same principles, definitions, and structure as the annual national accounts (ANA).
Quarterly National Account Indicators (QNAI), They are quarterly estimates of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) at current prices, and they measure the contribution of the organizational sectors and various economic activities, in addition know the aspects of spending on the GDP in Abu Dhabi Emirate. The outcome of this project provides key economic indicators, particularly for the quarterly GDP of Abu Dhabi Emirate. Such information is of crucial significance to the Emirate, especially in view of the unprecedented development and growth the Emirate's Economy is currently experiencing. In addition, the data will provide businesses, investors and general stakeholders with baseline business cycle information for investment decisions.
In the old phase the Quarterly Economic Survey (QES) collected data from 124 establishments. It included two questions about the revenue and employment numbers for each quarter. The responses were combined with administrative data to calculate indicators about the changes in the economy. These indicators were used to extrapolate the benchmarked quarterly Value Added for each economic activity.
In the new phase the data collection process is carried out quarterly during a period of time and with a sample size of around 2,300 establishments by specialized questionnaire includes many questions about employees, revenues, intermediate consumption, etc. Specified establishments are visited, according to economic activity. The target population in the QES includes all establishments operating in Abu Dhabi Emirate and registered under the updated economic establishments framework.
Validation; Provide necessary quarterly data to prepare national accounts aggregates such as GDP. Provide short-term data to calculate the contribution of economic activities and measure the extent of economic diversification and development in the non-oil sectors. Provide short-term data on Small and Medium Establishments (SMEs) to evaluate their investment and take appropriate decisions.
Keywords: Abu Dhabi (AD), Quarterly national accounts (QNA), Quarterly National Account Indicators (QNAI), Quarterly Economic Survey (QES), Gross Domestic Product (GDP).